We’ve (Almost) Got Vision

Every two weeks seems to be the rhythm of the blog life for me. We’ll see how this goes!

As most of you don’t know, Drew and I have been talking to Greater Europe Mission (GEM) about the possibility of moving to the UK (probably either England or Ireland) for an as of yet undetermined period of time. We’ve been discussing what we could do there, whether to go the supported missionary route or a live-work route, and the different pieces of going. One of the things that has been highly suggested to us is a “vision trip” to go over and see what the culture is like and get a taste for things. We’ve decided to do just that. In March, we’ll be heading over to the UK for a little under two weeks. Everything is full of possibility, which is great! That also means everything is up in the air. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and thoughts as we figure out how to pursue this and what God wants for our lives. Drew’s passion is for the deaf. My passion is flexible at the moment it seems. We just hope that God will show us where to go and when.

Other than that all we seem to do is work, and go to school, at least in Drew’s case. I miss the free time of college. In many ways I had more time then, but then again, all that time went to homework. Still, I miss the process. I’m already looking forward to grad school and I haven’t even taken the GRE yet! I need to hop on that train before I miss it or forget everything I’ve ever stuffed into my head.

We are getting involved more at our new church, The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter. We attended a Newcomers event a couple of weeks ago, and there’s a party on Thursday. Everyone is so nice and they try very hard to remember our names! It’s a beautiful church and the Rector and Associate Rector are very kind. Of any church I have ever attended, this one tries the hardest to get newcomers integrated into parish life and Charlotte in general. They call themselves an incubator church because of the number of independent ministries that started as part of Holy Comforter. It’s been very exciting for me, and as someone who dearly loved Apostles, its nice to look forward to church every Sunday again.

There’s more in the works in our lives but, for now, it’s still so much in the works I can’t explain it until it gets more settled. I’ll try to keep you all updated! Please keep us in your prayers.


About Erinn

I am a newly married woman with a Bachelor of Science in Bible, Psychology, and Youth Ministry.

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