Blog Challenge

I stole this from Elise, a friend from college. I’ve been thinking I need a kickstarter, so I’m going to try doing this challenge to get more in the habit. Here are the topics that will be coming up this month.

1) 10 Likes

2) 10 Dislikes

3) My Favorite Season

4) Shows I’m Into

5) Something or Someone You Miss

6) Thoughts on God

7) 5 Ways to Win my Heart

8) Recipes I Love

9) My Dream Job

10) My Favorite Place

11) Article of Clothing You’re Attached to

12) A Fiction Character You Would Like to Be

13) A Letter to Anyone

14) My Fears

15) 5 Things You Lust After

16) Suffle on my iPod

17) My Family

18) Things You’re Thankful for

19) My Favorite Holiday

20) How I want to Grow Closer to God

21) Story of your Life in 10 words

22) What 2 brands of clothing would you wear for the rest of your life?

23) Best Time of Worship (ever)

24) My Favorite Musical Artist

25) Who is someone you admire who isn’t famous, but you wish the world knew about?

26) Why I married my spouse…

27) What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?


About Erinn

I am a newly married woman with a Bachelor of Science in Bible, Psychology, and Youth Ministry.

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