#2 Ten Dislikes

As part two of the blog challenge, ten things I dislike, also in no particular order.

#1 – Summer in Columbia

Real Temp: 99 degrees fahrenheit. Feels like: 110 degrees fahrenheit. Thank you humidity.

#2 – Things that Suddenly Work/Don’t Work

This always happens with my car. I drive it, it rattles or makes a noise or does something crazy. Dad borrows it to work on it and it runs perfectly. Better than normal even. I get it back, the rattle restarts. I think every person who relies on someone else to work on their vehicle understands this craziness.

#3 – Alfred’s Hyper Hour

About an hour before we go to bed, Alfred is literally bouncing off the walls. We’ve both been at work, we’re tired, we want to hold our kitty and be sweet. Our cat wants to play with our faces. Claw our feet. Climb the refrigerator. She’ll grow out of this phase, but right now it kind of makes me nuts.

#4 – Onions

Gross. Next.

#5 – Disorganization

I have a place for everything and everything should have a place. Mess with that and I dislike it. I’m a very organized person. Your disorganization doesn’t bother me unless it infringes on mine, or I have to live with you for an extended period. I have been blessed to live with some very neat, organized people.

#6 – Showering

It takes time I could be doing something else. If there was a way to stay clean without putting forth any effort, I’d be all over it.

#7 – Election Time

Do I even have to explain this one?

#8 – Bad Writing

Twilight, Fifty Shades, etcetera. I’ve read Twilight and I’ll admit, I’m a fan. But I can also admit her writing is not the epitome of style and beauty. She warms up a lot in four books. I don’t admire her characters. But even Twilight has more style than Fifty Shades. I read the short sample since its so popular with the moms I work with. Wow, is it awful writing. I wrote better in second grade. And my sentence structure was similar to hers.

#9 – Dishes

Again, do I need to explain this one? See: shower; onions.

#10 – Lying

Tell me the truth, plain and simple. Don’t walk on eggshells, don’t dance around the issue. I can handle it. I been putting on my big girl panties for a while now. Let me make the call.


About Erinn

I am a newly married woman with a Bachelor of Science in Bible, Psychology, and Youth Ministry.

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