I’m a Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been so busy, I forgot to blog. But today is your lucky day! I’m sick, so here you go!

It has, as usual, been a busy (almost) two months. During October I found out I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which has finally explained some of the stomach problems that have plaqued me since I was in high school. We have begun the process of figuring out what foods trigger these symptoms as well as trying to mitigate the stress factors. However, October finished itself off nicely. As someone who works with children, I got Halloween off. Being new to the area, there wasn’t really anyone to see, so we stayed home, ate dinner, and watched a movie.

November was a bit more exciting! November 16th was Drew’s 25th birthday! We went out for dinner at a local Korean restaurant called Cho Wan Garden. It was delicious and very authentic. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a sensitive stomach (as mentioned in the previous paragraph). As I looked at the menu and the appetizers they set out before us, I was thinking, there is nothing I can eat here. The waitress was incredibly helpful, though, and we figured out something that sounded good. It sounded better than it tasted in my opinion. But Drew’s pick was so GOOD. We traded about three-quarters of the way through and I’m up for going there anytime now that I know what to order. 🙂 The week after was Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving day at my family’s. For lunch we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s and spent time with the Murphy side and my dad. For dinner, we went with my mom’s side to Cracker Barrel. Normally, we do a huge lunch together, but this year Grammy wanted a change since it was our first holiday without Mom. Last year, Mom was in the hospital on Thanksgiving after dealing with an awful fall she had that morning. I think it was better than I expected this year, considering the circumstances. Our last major thing of the month was my best friend’s wedding shower-birthday-combo party. We did snack foods, drinks, and party games (The Game of Things and Apples to Apples). Josh Thompson won Things even though he left less than halfway through the game! And I won Apples to Apples. It was a fun night.

Now that its December we’re ticking off the days until Christmas. We have a sad, naked tree. We got it from Dad but our cat has pretty much killed the poor thing. She keeps climbing it and chewing on it. The needles have fallen out and the bottom branches are broken. The top was sad and squishy until yesterday. Drew made it look a lot better but its still sad. We’ve decided if we’re going to be cleaning up needles and having broken branches, then we might as well get a real tree since we’d at least be throwing it out anyways. So next year, real tree! Our cat is still freaking adorable, even as she breaks our tree. We’re getting her spayed December 20th, which I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with. Pictures of our cat in a cone coming soon! Right now, I have a severe viral sinus infection and three of my four clients are sick, so I’ve had pretty much the whole week off. Kind of nice, but my paycheck will feel the hit! And tomorrow, bye bye wisdom teeth. I think my doctors are tired of seeing me. 🙂 As for Drew, he’s finishing up his first semester at CPCC this week and he’s doing well. A quarter of his degree is done!


What a Way to Make a Living

Did anyone catch the Dolly Parton song reference? No? That’s okay. I’m probably one of the few that sings “9 to 5” every time someone talks about working normal office hours.

So, one of the things I semi-mentioned last blog, i.e. “there’s more in the works,” is that my coordinator and leads at work recently recommended me for promotion! So for the past two days, I have been in Greenville going through something called Intensive Lead Training. It’s been very interesting. I joined the company prior to the creation of a written employee handbook, so its been nice to read all the policies and know what’s formally expected versus what is implied. It’s also been really good to learn more about intensive teaching and applied behavioral analysis (ABA) basics. I didn’t pass it on before because I wanted to wait and see how it panned out. I’m still going through the first part of the approval process through the company, then I have approval through the state, but I’m excited about the new opportunities.

Also, about a week ago we found out I had e coli. To answer your questions, no, I don’t know how I got, and no, I’m not contagious. I went on a week of antibiotics and now it is supposed to be over. So far, I think it is. This is only my first day post antibiotics, so I’m waiting to see how things go for a few days. On the bright side, I don’t have Celiacs, gluten sensitivities, or, presumably, Crohns. All of which I have now been tested for. But I have a couple of appointments to go before I can stop having my life run by doctors.

I’ve been really craft happy though. I sewed eight cloth napkins together and made a Christmas stocking for me. Last year I made one for Drew for Christmas and now I’m taking care of mine to match! All I have left is one “n” worth of embroidery and I’ll be done. But after such a sewing kick, its hard to find the motivation. The plan is to make one for each of children, with all of them in different colors. Drew’s is a rich green color and mine is a bright royal blue. As for the others, we have plenty of time to pick colors! My next project will be pillows for the couch. I have a pillow form and batting for another. I just need to make some pretty cases. Our apartment is full of neutrals so we need the added color.

Beyond that life is continuing like normal. We’ve been going to work, church, and in Drew’s case, school. Trying to live our lives as best we can. And its Fall!! Yay for cold weather, sweaters, and leaves changing colors! We have a busy October coming up and I’ll try to keep you all in the loop on what’s going on with us. If you read the blog, leave a comment sometime so I know whose reading. That might help me know what content people are interested in. For example, if you are a work colleague, funny work stories would be more your style. Someone we went to school with might want to hear about our church. Family would want general life stuff. Just want to know what you want to hear about! Also, I might start a blog challenge, since its still a bit weird to write something so broad instead of a letter or an email.

Quite the Summer

It has been quite the summer, a roller coaster of good things and bad things.

First, I graduated from college. After four years of the incredibly tedious process of getting a Bible college degree, I have a Bachelor of Science in Bible, Psychology, and Youth Ministry. Well, technically speaking, I have a BS in Bible and Psychology with a minor in Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture. Now I get the wonderful opportunity to pay back my student loans. 🙂 Not that I’m being sarcastic or anything. I do have to say it feels good to be done with it even though I intend on going back to school in a couple of years.


Second, Drew and I got married. It was a beautiful, hectic, life-changing day. There is so much about that day I want to tell those of you who couldn’t come. I’ll start with this: the truth of the matter is, for something described as the biggest day of your life, it feels like any other day. You’re just in a big white dress kissing your best friend in front of an audience. I cannot deny that day was life changing, amazing, and beautiful. There are many things that flew by and I cannot remember, but there are moments that I will never forget. My dad walking me down the aisle. Drew’s hands shaking as he held mine during our first look. Him saying his vows. Hugging my mom after the ceremony. Driving away from the church and it finally hitting me we were married. But that is a story for another day.


Third, work has been taking forever to get me scheduled. Drew, however, got on schedule the week we got back from our honeymoon (in New York, by the way, also another whole story). So he has been working a lot and I have been trying to occupy a lot of open time. Thankfully, I will be starting next week. Thank goodness. They’ve been doing their best to get me on schedule.

Fourth, and besides the wedding, most important, my mother died a little over a week ago. It has been the hardest thing I have ever dealt with and I am not sure anything else will ever top it. In fact, I pray nothing does. Living in another town, it can be easy to forget she’s gone. Then I remember that if she were still here I would owe her a phone call. It’s those moments that are the hardest, the ones she was always involved in. The holidays are going to be very hard. Drew has been such a comfort and a strength for me, and I can’t imagine how I could have gotten through this week, especially her funeral, without him and without my dad. She was the best mother I could have asked for, better than I could have come up with on my own. Some people make a list of what qualities they want in a spouse. Well, I never could have imagined Drew into a list. If we could choose our parents, I couldn’t have quantified her into a list either. God gives us far better than our human minds can conceive.

Other than all this, all the other moments of the summer so far seem inconsequential. They weren’t at the moment but in the scheme of things, they are very small. But it is the small moments that sometimes mean the most. Keep us in your prayers as we move on in life, as we try to find a church to attend, and as we navigate new marriage. We have been so blessed.


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